Welcome to YOUstontx!

YoustonTx is a community-oriented project cultivated to bring a spirited and loyal fan base to Houston Sports teams. It’s time for us to stand up and stand behind our teams and help gain the respect they deserve.

Now that we’ve got that covered, lets take a look at the collective status of our teams in pro sports.

On second thought…

Let’s face it, Houston doesn’t have a lot of respect in the pro sports arena.  Of the big three, we’ve got a single team that’s got National Championship cred, and two of three that have even made it to the championship games.  Now, on the MLS side, we’ve had a lot more success, and have some die hard fans in that arena, so we don’t have to worry quite as much about boosting morale.  Dynamo and Dash have respect, so don’t I’m forgetting about you guys.  You just seem to have it figured out where the rest of us don’t.

We’ve had some pretty big shake-ups in our clubs, as well.  Everybody cried a single blue tear when the Oilers packed up and moved to Tennessee, mainly because the town wasn’t big enough for the likes of two jerks that really didn’t like each other (God rest their souls) and spited the whole city because of it.  But hey, 5 years later, we got an expansion team.  Nobody’s really proud of that, but it is what it is.  That little expansion team has grown into a two-time playoff team, with a formidable fan base.  We’re loud and proud, but also very pessimistic.  Look what the Oilers are doing these days, though, folks.  We’ve really come a long way.

And the Astros.  What can we say about the now oldest sports franchise in Houston?  We used to be a baseball city.  We used to love our ‘Stros.  Bandwagoneering hit its zenith in the 2004-2005 seasons when we had our highest hopes for a pennant.  We also finally made it, for the first time in franchise history, to the World Series.  In fact, we had a good 10 year block surrounding that era where fan attendance to the games far exceeded the annual average for all MLB clubs.  And then the Astros started to slip, and then attendance plummeted.  And boy did it plummet.  Add to the fact that Mr. McLane apparently hates every one of us and sold the team down the river (be mad at him, not Crane), and we ended up with a bunch of angry fans.

Rockets fans – eh, you’re pretty consistent.  We have a rise and fall of fan attendance and enthusiasm that pretty equally matches that of our team performance.  When it’s good, it’s good.  When it’s bad, we still show up.  Not in the high-packed numbers of a playoff season, but we don’t embarrass ourselves on national television with a 3/4 empty arena.  We can still step it up, though.  We can worry a little less about being spotted on tv and worry a little more about what’s happening on the court.  Translation: get behind the team if you’re gonna show up for the game.  In this past playoff season, it was particularly embarrassing to hear the silence in Toyota Center when our guys were playing at home.  Make some noise, for crying out loud.

In essence, we, as sports fans, need to have some pride for our city and for our teams.  We need to let that enthusiasm ruminate from our pores and spread like wildfire.  Really, this city needs to burst into flames (proverbially, not literally) when our teams are playing – and not simply when they’re winning.  We need to have their backs.  We want to have their backs.  We want our teams to garner the respect they deserve.  We want a Nation behind Houston sports.  We do – we really do.  You cannot deny the electrifying presence in the city when we’ve got a major league team sprinting for the finish line.  It brings new life into the city.  And there’s no reason why we can breathe this life into every season.

And guys, do we have an exciting couple of years coming up for the big three in Houston.  The Rockets are getting closer to another Championship every year.  The Texans want the playoffs again, and to get some respect in the league for something more than being first place when the Colts were rebuilding.  The Astros are finally getting it right, building from the ground up and turning into what could be a World Championship team in the next year or two.  It’s a great time to be a sports fan in Houston, and we need to stand up and help raise our teams to the top.