Houston Texans: Texans trade QB Hoyer with Denver for Pick

Denver Broncos intorduce Gary Kubiak as new head coach

The Houston Texans have traded QB Brian Hoyer to the Denver Broncos for a 5th round pick in 2016 and a conditional 7th round pick in 2018.  This move comes shortly after the Texans resigned Brandon Weeden to a 2 year, $4 million contract. After Weeden’s signing, analysts predicted a quick departure for Hoyer via either trade or cut.

Hoyer, who had a bumpy road over the past few years with the Browns and the Texans, comes off his best year with a 60.7% passer rating. Hoyer was named starter in the first game against the Chiefs in 2015, but was replaced by Ryan Mallett after a bumpy start. He would then re-gain the starting position and finish out the season.

Hoyer also started in his career-first playoff game, where he failed to take command of the game, and turned over the ball several times in a blow-out loss to the Chiefs in the Wildcard Round. Hoyer, looking for a fresh start after rapid descent in the post season, is looking forward to working with Gary Kubiak and the Broncos for 2016.

He now joins a Broncos roster that recently added Mark Sanchez in a trade with the Philadelphia Eagles, solidifying the roster for QB options moving into 2016. After Peyton Manning’s retirement and losing Brock Osweiler in the free agency to the Texans, the Broncos were left short with only back-up Trevor Siemian on the roster.

If you’ve gotten this far without fainting, then great job and April Fool’s! Or is it? 


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