Houston Astros: #AstrosHomeOpener


Hey, everybody, it’s the Astros Opening Day at Minute Maid Park!

The team has been through quite a controversial start, with the Correa base running in game 1 of the Yankees series, to McHugh’s day 2 meltdown on the mound, and ending with the Rasmus slide, ruled “not bona fide,” and causing an early end to game 1 of the Brewers series. Honorable mention goes to yesterday’s game, with rookie mistakes and baserunning blunders.

It’s been a rough start for the Astros so far, who are off to a 2-4 start moving into the second week.

However, baseball is coming back to Houston today, and it’s time to brush off the dust from that shaky start, cleanse our collective pallettes, and turn a new page. The story for the Astros 2016 season is just beginning – it’s certainly not set in stone. It’s time to get excited for our team, and the collective effort they will put in this season to make Houston proud.

Collin McHugh is set to take the mound this evening at Minute Maid Park. This is a starting pitcher that has given the Astros 2 of the best seasons of his career. His first game in 2016 isn’t his best, and we know that. We’ve seen that. He’ll bounce back, and give fans a reason to cheer again. Let’s help him, as a city, put that game behind him, and show our suppor.

The Astros are at their best when they’ve got their fans cheering them on. We’ve seen that in the past few years. We’ve seen that with this core team alone. The real season starts today, so let’s be loud and proud of this Astros team. So, do your game day rituals, get ready for the show, and help paint the town orange tonight. We have a team to be proud of, so let’s make it a great year!



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