Houston Rockets: Playoff time


I just want to remind you of what a Championship team looks like.

A 2-time championship team.

A team who didn’t have nasty feuds in the locker room that spilled out onto headlines and the basketball court.

A team who didn’t have star players chasing cameras and celebrities.

A team who stood behind their coaching staff through thick and thin.

A team who didn’t try to trade off their own teammates throughout any season, win or loss.

I want that to be made clear, before anyone goes into statistical comparisons between this team and today’s team.

There is no comparison.

The 2016 Rockets have fallen apart, and it’s a miracle they’ve stumbled into a playoff spot with an even record. After a devastating and, frankly, embarrassing loss against the Suns – one game, but also one game that succintly sums up the entire season – they managed to win out and claim their position. And it honestly couldn’t be more fitting than to face the top seed, 9 loss, multiple record-breaking returning Champions: the Golden State Warriors. A high-energy team with the highest points per game, playing a team that stumbled in backwards into the last spot of the playoffs, who apparently believes that defense is optional.

Granted, the Rockets rank #4 this year in points per game, but have a .1 point differential vs their opponents. When you’re ranked in the top 4 in scoring and have that differential, you’re missing a huge element of the game. Dwight Howard hasn’t done it for us. That’s one reason he’s on his way out. The Rockets will need more than 1 hole to fill next week when the offseason is over for them. Because, let’s face it, there is no way that the Rockets get out and consistently outscore Golden State in 4 of 7 games, much less 4-4, 5, or 6. A team can’t stumble in with a losing record, when they can’t consistently play 4 Qs of ball and expect anything but embarrassment.

Here is to hoping this is a short stint, and as painless as possible. Currently, with the Rockets down 33-60 in the half of game 1, it may be short, but not so much on the painless. With 2 consecutive quarters scoring less than 20, Rockets currently are not even on pace to finish with 80 points. 80 points, in  a playoff game against the highest scoring team in the league this year. Here’s to hoping this team gets dismantled 4 games from now, from top to bottom, and gets properly rebuilt. Start with the GM. Put interim HC Bickerstaff out of his misery. And put some thought into whether or not this team can find someone to compliment James Harden on the court. If not, then maybe it’s time to move on there, too.

This is not a championship team. This roster doesn’t even compare to the 1994/1995 team that brought a title to Houston. Frankly, it’s insulting to continue to force the comparison. That team deserves better than to be held up to the current team. This isn’t an attack on any individual players or skills, per se, but the overall disaster that Daryl Morey helped build. This is his face, and it has failed miseraby .Be gone, sir. The Rockets would have been better off staying out of the big boy’s games this year, but perhaps they need this national embarrassment and veritable ass-whooping on national television to really let it sink in. The fans want more. The fans deserve more. The team deserves more. So, get it done in the offseason.




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