Houston Texans: Wide Receivers in the Draft



The Houston Texans have spent the big money they are going to spend in the free agency, without picking up a WR. This means all signs point to the draft. In a draft that is a little light, talent-wise on WR talent outside of 1st round projections, what’s a team to do? The position is the top priority in the draft currently, and the Texans are expected to draft a WR in the first round? Trade up or sit still and see what’s available at 22?

Fortunately, there aren’t many teams in front of the Texans in the draft that have a top priority for a WR, so there will be some talent left on the board when the Texans draft at 22. To trade up, the Texans would have to take a nice leap to get the jump on other teams (probably in the top 10 -12), but there wouldn’t be…

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